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The fight against corruption is a moral one

The fight against corruption in Kenya (and all over the world) is first and foremost a moral one. There is a legal and physical aspect to it, but morality is the most central question in all corruption cases. It is a fight between right and wrong, between darkness and the light.

This is because corruption begins in the heart and not in the act. Before corruption manifests in actions, it has already been conceived and nurtured in the heart.

For you to commit graft, you have to think about it, convince yourself to do it, seek partners in crime, and even establish a plan on how to use the money, all before you lift a finger.

You also have to dismiss the voice telling you that Continue reading

Moments of decision in marriage

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Sometime ago, my wife got the opportunity to pursue further studies abroad.

Let me back track a bit. About a year ago, during a conversation with an older couple, I remember us talking about decisions and challenges that young couples face. Half way through that conversation, they proceeded to stress that my wife and I ought not to loosely categorize ourselves as a young couple.


And then it hit me. It is easy to hide under the banner of youth and miss the fact that you are growing. What our mentor couple was basically saying, in no uncertain terms is that our response to some of the decisions that we make as a couple would have to demonstrate maturity.

As a married couple, that meant making decisions with a view on the long term. It meant Continue reading

Book Review: Sword Words

When I picked this book at the Post Office a few weeks ago, I was a bit underwhelmed because it looked smaller than I had anticipated. But as they say great things come in small packages, after reading a few pages of it, I decided to use it for our family devotion. It is that practical.

Sword words is a dynamite of a book. The author Dr. Mirriam Kinai is well intentioned from the beginning, something that dawns on you as you read on. It is not a self-help book, neither is it psychological or philosophical. It is a book that teaches you how to bring bible verses to life and use them for everyday living.

Sword words recognises that all Christians are engaged in a spiritual battle and it is important that they be equipped for the same.

But why sword words, why that title? Continue reading

The older generation has failed us in the fight against corruption

Corruption in Kenya has reached such levels that even the habitually corrupt are shocked. Let’s be honest, we Kenyans know corruption too well. It is a common practice, we encounter it all the time. It is the level of corruption rather than corruption itself that is now troubling us.

People who stole millions are now feeling like saints. They are shocked at the boldness and tactics of the new kids on the block who manage to walk away with billions.

But how did we get here? How did corruption become such a part of us? How did the devil we created become bigger than ourselves? These and many more questions have been circling my mind as a young Kenyan, especially in the past few months.

I am trying to figure out the big picture in this article, which is often Continue reading

Positioning young marriages for success

Most married people will confess to this. Sometimes you look at your spouse and ask yourself (silently of course) ‘how did I get here? how did I end up with this man or woman?’ Sometimes my wife verbalises this jokingly and I am always swift to let her know that the joke is on her. She made the choice, she entered the box. Haha!!

But all jokes aside, I have never been more aware about the devices against marriage than at this stage in my life and marriage. I don’t know if am just noticing things because am growing older or things are generally changing.

And so I find myself meditating often about marriage and what can be done to make it better. How can young couples position their marriage for success? I think about what those in it can do to improve the quality of their marriage and what those yet to enter can do, to have a better head start. I have come up with a few observations below.

I am always quick to remind everyone that am not Continue reading

Why do bad things happen to good people? Part 2

The problem of thinking and writing about suffering is that you begin to notice it everywhere. The last few weeks have particularly been heavy for me. It is like my ‘suffering antennas’ have been elevated and now I see it more than before. Most news on TV have elements of pain and injustice, newspapers are filled with sensational headlines screaming about worsening conditions almost everywhere, it is as if the media outlets are measured by how much emotion they can stir up from the audience.

But still the question doesn’t go away; suffering still remains one of the most difficult and complicated life questions that anyone can pose. In part 1 (which you can read here) we looked at ‘reasons for suffering’, justification for goodness and how atheism has exploited suffering to skew many to their side.

One question still needs to be answered, what is the response of Christianity to suffering? If we call our God good, just and Continue reading

Why do bad things happen to good people? Part 1

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The problem of pain and suffering is age old. It cuts across generations, classes and cultures. It is no respecter of status or religion. Through it we come into this world and without our consent it enters into a contract with every one of us, making impromptu visits at will.

It is in the cry of a baby, in pain of injury and sickness, separation, loneliness, abuse, overwhelming regrets, embarrassment, and hopeless situations. Some are visited too often; they know it too well, like an unwelcomed guest who refused to leave. You may call it trouble, problem, pain or evil but at the end of the day the result is the same, suffering to the visited.

Suffering ‘catches up’ with you one way or another; it can make you feel like the devil himself has left hell and pitched a tent in your house. Even when you are able to overcome it, one question always remains; why is this happening to me?

Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Often without answers to these questions, we quickly find out that Continue reading

How to recognise false preachers

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About mid 2017 I was called by a family member who asked me to look into a certain preacher on TV. He wanted me to investigate the preacher and recommend whether he should take a close relative for healing prayers to the preacher’s church. The vibrant preacher is based in Nairobi and runs a 24/7 TV station with dramatic church services that would put most Naija movies to shame.

I had watched the preacher on TV before and already had an opinion about him but now that I needed to give a report, I had to delve deeper. I knew that I had to listen to a number of his full length sermons in order to understand his doctrine. Typically, he would read a bible passage, preach on it for a few minutes then manifestations begin. People in the congregation, mostly women, would begin to shout and act out. The ushers would rush and bring the person to the front and the good apostle would deliver them, after they have confessed their evil and said something great about the preacher. It is mostly about witchcraft and spells, which is basically the central theme to the church.

Like many believers, it bothers me deeply that the gospel is blatantly butchered and Continue reading

For the Boy child – a visit to Kamiti Juvenile Prison

I have always thought of going to prison, not to be locked up but to visit someone who is. The curiosity of knowing how it looks like behind those high walls and how inmates perceive freedom has always intrigued me. Maybe I have watched too many movies, but, that’s me.

So I got an opportunity to visit Kamiti Juvenile prison with James Ouma. I wrote an article about his work a year ago and I was keen to catch up on his progress. What better way to do that than to walk his path; accompany him and his friend Ernest to the juvenile prison. James runs Lifesong Kenya, an organization that mentors boys both in prison and outside by teaching them character, accountability and how to give back to the community.

James picks me up at Kona, along Ngong Road, at 7.45 am. We are supposed to pick Earnest at Allsopps on Thika Road but he is late so we proceed; he will catch up with us later. We stop at Maziwa Gardens near Kamiti for breakfast; James insists that Continue reading

What questions does your faith answer?

What questions does your faith answer?


The faith one holds should be able to answer the bigger questions of life in order for it to be authentic and true. It concerns me when Christians and church leaders present a watered down gospel that only appeals to the physical and emotional psyche of the followers; a gospel that does not answer life’s most important questions and cannot be relied on when people face the true tests of life.

When we go for evangelism and we present a gospel that promises good life according to our understanding, then we misrepresent Christ and set up people for disappointment. Salvation is the most important thing that can happen to the life of an individual, it is the event that ushers them from darkness to the kingdom of light. The miracle of being raised from the dead is lesser in Continue reading

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