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For the Boy child – a visit to Kamiti Juvenile Prison

I have always thought of going to prison, not to be locked up but to visit someone who is. The curiosity of knowing how it looks like behind those high walls and how inmates perceive freedom has always intrigued me. Maybe I have watched too many movies, but, that’s me.

So I got an opportunity to visit Kamiti Juvenile prison with James Ouma. I wrote an article about his work a year ago and I was keen to catch up on his progress. What better way to do that than to walk his path; accompany him and his friend Ernest to the juvenile prison. James runs Lifesong Kenya, an organization that mentors boys both in prison and outside by teaching them character, accountability and how to give back to the community.

James picks me up at Kona, along Ngong Road, at 7.45 am. We are supposed to pick Earnest at Allsopps on Thika Road but he is late so we proceed; he will catch up with us later. We stop at Maziwa Gardens near Kamiti for breakfast; James insists that Continue reading

For the boy child

What comes to your mind when you see people running in the morning or evening? Fitness probably, weight loss most likely, you almost feel the struggle they go through. You even pity them sometimes, especially the ones who don’t seem to keep up. It’s like they are struggling to reach somewhere we are all convinced they will not reach.

One such runner is James Ouma aka Jim Buttons, a quiet runner but otherwise quite a talkative gentleman. Nothing from his outside can prepare you for his story. He can pass for any other wannabe marathoner or someone running under a doctor’s prescription. But his is a run for the boys, the ones in the streets, the ones Continue reading

Jamhuri Bus Number one is Connected

citi-hoppaIf you live in Jamhuri and you go to town early in the morning, between 6 and 6.30am, you have probably seen Rachael (we call her Rakel, aka the highly favoured). She is the lady who prays in the first bus that goes to town from Jamhuri, a Citi Hoppa bus labeled 461. This is the unique story of how she started to pray in the bus and it is nothing like the image you may have about bus preachers. It is a story about Continue reading