They say you cannot separate a philosopher from his philosophy just like you cannot separate Christ from Christianity. I believe we are a product of our environment, culture, experiences and beliefs. I consider myself a student of culture and philosophy in the school of life. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and that thus Christianity is my worldview, glasses through which I see life, interpret everyday life to find meaning, hope and purpose.

In this blog I find myself; who I am, where I have been and where I am going in life, I find my stories and stories around me, I look at everyday life and interpret everyday events. The result is life lessons that I cannot be silent about. At the end of the day I sit down and let it flow in black and white, from my heart to my mind and to my fingers these life lessons are translated to words which you and I read.

What do you hope to achieve? That is a question I posed to an acquaintance who teaches political science at a local university. I simply asked her what she hoped to achieve teaching her students political science. About a year later we met and she told me she has been thinking about the question ever since and even had to ask her students what they hoped to achieve by learning political science. I believe there is purpose to life and to all we do.

But really, what do I hope to achieve with my writing? In any small way possible, I hope to point people to the center of the issues of humanity, hold hands with those who journey with me on the same path, clear some bushes for those whose view of truth is obstructed and ultimately show people the direction to the one who has all the answers. I will consider it a blessing when people are touched in any of the ways above.

My heritage is Kenyan, my education Russian and my exposure global. I am married to Shirley, the one lady who has disrupted my life in the loveliest of ways. We both make a living in the IT and telecommunications industry. I am passionate about apologetics, questioning culture and trends, interactive discussions, small groups in churches and outside, playing football, reading and of course writing.

May God bless you as you read. May God’s flavour make your life tastier for you and others to want more of Him. As you get blessed, bless others by sharing.

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