How or Why? Which came first?


It is amazing how some simple things can elude even the brightest of us. Only after carefully thinking that you realize how close or far we can be depending on how we initiate our thought process. OK, let me cut the chase and get to the slaughter.

Sometime back I visited an uncle of mine and found my cousin watching some program on Discovery Science channel. The program had been running for like 5hrs in a row, thank God it was on the last hour when I got there. I am saying this because my cousin was so into it and we could only really talk after it was over.

The program touched on issues like the universe, galaxies, black hole, human brain, solar system, memory, life and lots more. Mostly trying to come up with the scientific reasons to explain how things are the way they are. One of the parts I got was about a scientist who believes there is a code, like a computer code that runs all life and that we can actually recreate life if we knew the source code. I was generally interested because these questions are real to me but also because the voice presenting was familiar as I would soon realize it was that of the actor Morgan Freeman. I am not going to discuss the content of these hypothesis – it can be sadly boring at times, some of those theories would need a lot of faith to actually believe in them. I want to dwell on an issue I believe is more important.

You see, purpose always precedes design. This is what I mean; you have to ask yourself why you want to do something before you think of how you will do it. It’s so natural. For example we want to decongest the city of Nairobi and how do we do that? we build bypass roads (outer-ring roads). So before I ask myself how my brain works I should have asked myself why I have a brain in the first place. My former boss always said that before you do anything, always ask yourself ‘why am I doing what am doing? ’ This question can be the difference between being the best or being just average.

As I watched that program with my cousin I couldn’t help but comment that there is a more important question that science might never answer. The why question. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why are we better than the animals? I am not trying to disregard science here, am just trying to show that science doesn’t have the whole answer. Science will always come up with theories of how things work, some close, others way off the mark but for us to think that it is the whole answer is like getting rid of a tree by chopping off the branches. The root of the matter is that there is purpose to life and until we start to seek that answer, all these ‘other answers’ will just be like smelling food and wanting to get full.

The real question of humanity is why we are who we are and how can we make things better. I believe the bible exposes the condition of the human heart like no other book. The bible tells us why God created us, it tells us that every individual was born with a purpose, it shows us where we lost our way and most importantly it prints out the map to the right path. The real answers to human problems are not found in science volumes but in the one book inspired by the author of life Himself. The question is; who could know better?


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