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Twenty twenty one

On December 1st 2021, I met a guy I have known for a few months. I asked him about a project he was working on that he had mentioned to me a few months earlier. He had no response. To put it better, he didn’t want to talk about it. The project was one of his many fails of 2021. He was just glad that it was December which means that the year is finally coming to an end. “I just want this year to end, everything I have tried to do this year has failed. I have never experienced a worser year like this,” he said, shaking his head as he thought of how his goals for the year were ruled out by a callous and invisible referee.

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What’s your idea of a fulfilled life?

Ecclesiastes is a peculiar book in the bible. Parts of it sound like rumblings of an old drunk while others sound like the wisdom of a consummate king at the prime of his rule. Other parts read like the stories of an unfulfilled grandpa ruing the missed opportunities of youth that he wishes to relive. There are brilliant verses but also others which I personally find preposterous and which will make you question whether they belong in the book.

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Positioning young marriages for success

Most married people will confess to this. Sometimes you look at your spouse and ask yourself (silently of course) ‘how did I get here? how did I end up with this man or woman?’ Sometimes my wife verbalises this jokingly and I am always swift to let her know that the joke is on her. She made the choice, she entered the box. Haha!! Continue reading Positioning young marriages for success