Which stars need to align to set up the events that will lead a half Arab, half Ugandan, Kenyan, born and bred in Bungoma to become the most sought-after postpartum masseur in Nairobi?

Is it her culture, heritage, upbringing, gifted hands, personal experiences, Nairobi or a combination of all that? You are about to find out.

She is called Mama Kanda, the reviews of her work precede her. My wife started talking about her when she was expectant with our second born but she knew about her way before that. She talked of a lady who does massage for mothers within 2 to 8 weeks after delivery. She was hinting that she wanted to try out her services after the delivery of Kolya. And she did. Five sessions of 45 minutes each day for five days is what she got.

My wife’s review of mama Kanda started on a surprising note especially after the first hot water therapy, Continue reading