The Lovely Necessary Disruption

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A few days ago went back to work after the honeymoon. It was one of the most difficult things to do since I had been resting for more than 2 weeks after the wedding. My body was getting used to another regime and here comes waking up early again. My amazing wife makes sure am awake on time, prepares breakfast, packs me lunch and prays for a blessed first day at work after the wedding. I feel super encouraged as I leave for work hoping for the slowest day that can ever be.

My day goes favorably well. Not much work to catch up on but many congratulations and marriage jokes from colleagues. As I have my delicious home cooked lunch, everyone can’t help but joke how I already look bigger. For the record, I think I haven’t added any weight, at least not so soon. Not that I don’t want to replace the muscle I lost during the wedding preps.

At about 3pm I receive a text from my wife that sends me leaning back on my chair and bursting out in laughter. The message simply reads ‘Hi babe! Could you buy milk and eggs on your way home? Thanks! Kisses.’ Simple, isn’t it? I lean back in recognition of how my life has changed and the laughter is just my classical way of reacting to serious matters I can’t cry about. I realize how a major disruptive revolution is taking place in the life of a man whose mind is still more bachelor than married.

Let’s go back to about 7 months ago. I sit in an unfamiliar setting of what is the bachelor party of a friend soon to get married. It is my first time in a bachelor party and of course I am not expecting to see things I saw in some movie but am still wondering how it will go down. There are 4 married men there, most of them married under 2 years and 3 of us bachelors. After some great words by the married guys, my soon to be ma
rried friend was asked what he anticipates will be his greatest change when he gets married. He says he is used to his personal space since he lives alone and having someone to be close most of the time will have to be some change.

He was simply saying his space will be disrupted. When I received the text from my wife at work, I realized how life has changed. You see a month ago I would be leaving work at 7pm, going by a friends place to catch a champions league game, maybe a bible study or a midweek service. Coming home early was non issue and of course I will get back to some of this but now my priority is to go home and be with my wife.

To me one word summarizes my 3 week marriage experience: Disruption. But don’t get it wrong, it is a lovely disruption. Yes, I know that lovely and disruption rarely marry in a sentence to bring forth anything good but I will add another word and make it Lovely necessary disruption. You see there is nothing more amazing than being with the person that you love after all the waiting and on the other side the change is bound to happen.

It is inevitable, you were sleeping alone and now your wife is always there
to go to bed with. You realize that you cannot recognize your old kitchen anymore and whatever comes out of it is something you always look forward to. Suddenly the socks that couldn’t match have found their pair but old t-shirts are becoming hard to locate. Somehow art is applied in the simple task of making a bed and did you know that you had so much space in your wardrobe.

For a man married 3 for weeks and still in a honeymoon of sorts there is no week by week guide of marriage life. What I realize is that a disruption has occurred in my life in the most amazing way and its starring the love of my life, a beautiful paradox that can only be orchestrated by the creator of the institution.
He asked me to leave but now I realize He did not mean changing houses or location, it must have been something in the lines of leaving my old ways and embracing a disruption. One thing I am assured of is that by marrying her I have found a good thing and I don’t have to mention that favor is a part of the package.

So for those who would love a permanent disruption you are welcome to the club. For those down the road ahead of me, I hope the disruption doesn’t become normal. For some reason I don’t want to lose its sense, after all it is necessary and lovely.

So instead of just bringing home the eggs and milk I was asked, I throw in a bouquet of the lovely flowers I always see on my way from work. She runs to the door after I knock, I can see her smile through the blinder, she hasn’t even seen the flowers yet…………..Oh lord, may I always bring your love to this home!!

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  1. Job I wish you all the best with your wife.
    May the almighty God give you his guidance.Happy marriage.

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