How or Why? Which came first?


It is amazing how some simple things can elude even the brightest of us. Only after carefully thinking that you realize how close or far we can be depending on how we initiate our thought process. OK, let me cut the chase and get to the slaughter.

Sometime back I visited an uncle of mine and found my cousin watching some program on Discovery Science channel. The program had been running for like 5hrs in a row, thank God Continue reading How or Why? Which came first?

Can bible stories be taken literally?

A few days ago I was watching on preacher/pastor being interviewed in a TV program. They were talking about different stuff; politics, church history, the bible and so on. Then after some time into the interview the presenter said something that made me alert, he made a statement and followed it with a question. He said ‘I went to catholic school and so I studied the bible and I also studied with some Jehovah witnesses and I always thought that the bible stories were to be taken literally, but as I grew up I realized that most of the stories are just there to give us a moral lesson, it’s not like those things really happened’, then he asked the preacher ‘do you believe that Jonah was in the belly of a fish for three days?’. The preacher man answered very plainly ‘I don’t believe Jonah was in the belly of a giant fish for three days’. I was surprised, I expected Continue reading Can bible stories be taken literally?

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