Jamhuri Bus Number one is Connected

citi-hoppaIf you live in Jamhuri and you go to town early in the morning, between 6 and 6.30am, you have probably seen Rachael (we call her Rakel, aka the highly favoured). She is the lady who prays in the first bus that goes to town from Jamhuri, a Citi Hoppa bus labeled 461. This is the unique story of how she started to pray in the bus and it is nothing like the image you may have about bus preachers. It is a story about Continue reading Jamhuri Bus Number one is Connected

The Disruption continues………6 months on

marriage‘What did you do?’ She asked in passing as she went into the bedroom. I couldn’t respond because my boxed mind just wasn’t connecting. I continued washing the dishes wondering what that was all about and then it hit me. I couldn’t help but just laugh. My wife was actually shocked at seeing me wash the dishes and to her the only logical explanation was that I was making up for something I had done wrong. I think I had not done anything wrong, as much as I know, but you just never know what a lady is thinking. You could have forgotten a promise you made or answered a wrong question right or bought the wrong spices, cumin seeds instead of cinnamon, who even knows what these are.

A man can be confused. Yes, the disruption continues….

This happened at about 3 months of our marriage and Continue reading The Disruption continues………6 months on

What does Halal mean to Christians?

halalGetting married comes with its changes and adjustments, like having breakfast at home. I always had my breakfast in the office prior to the ‘friendly invasion’; am not a morning person and that means that I used to wake up just in time to refresh and be at the office just barely on time. Having breakfast at home means having all that is necessary for a good breakfast and honey is one of them. One morning as I enjoyed my tea and honeyed bread, I took the honey bottle and started reading the sticker. I noticed the halal logo on the sticker and wondered why it was there. I always thought halal was about meat since I have seen it mostly on restaurant posters in town and in butcheries.

Questions welled up in me; what really is halal? Is it some kind of Islamic spiritual cleansing? Have Islamic prayers been spoken Continue reading What does Halal mean to Christians?

Revenge or Justice, what do we really seek? Part 2

Forgiveness-Healing-SessionI watched a documentary about 2 years ago on one of the international TV news channels. It was about the American juvenile justice system. Typically I don’t believe everything I watch on TV because I know it is never the whole story, it is just a story as wide as the camera lens are and as true as the reporter’s perspective and opinions. Being that as it may, this documentary just caught my attention and from what I saw Continue reading Revenge or Justice, what do we really seek? Part 2

Revenge or Justice, what do we really seek? Part 1

unbalanced-scale (1)The year is 2001. The month is March, maybe. It is another day in the life of a 14 year old in the first term of the first year of high school in a boarding school where survival is the name of the game. A little bit about my school: Chewoyet High School is located in West Pokot County, a few kilometres from Kapenguria town. The school sits on approximately 300 acres of land and boasts of a rich history and many achievements over the years. Among a long list of its alumni is a former vice president of Kenya and Continue reading Revenge or Justice, what do we really seek? Part 1

Leningradsky Train Station, with my Nameless Angels

leningradski vokzal

I honestly don’t remember whether this happened in the year 2008 or 2009, such is my biased memory, but it is one of the events that shaped my views of the Russian people early on in my stay there. I remember it was in winter and for some reason I had traveled to Moscow. I cannot really remember whether I had some embassy issues to sort out or was visiting my friends. Moscow is about 8 hours by Continue reading Leningradsky Train Station, with my Nameless Angels

Twisted Familiarity

cat-and-dog-friends-001-700x454A while ago I went to get a routine haircut at my usual barbershop in the neighborhood. They know me there so I usually don’t have to explain my shaving style every time I am there. However, this time I found a new barber and he asked me in Swahili how he should shave me. I looked at the poster on the wall with shaving styles and said number 35 in English.

He seemed not to understand me. Again I said thirty five. He pointed at different styles trying to find what I wanted but I Continue reading Twisted Familiarity

Lessons learnt from our wedding planning process

Wedding day

I go to weddings these days and see a little more than the pomp and colour. I look at the bride and groom and wonder what is going on in their minds. Apart from the smiles they have to put up for their guests, what other feelings and thoughts run in the back of their minds. Are they relieved the planning process is finally coming to end and now they can just be together or are they worried because the process has brought up issues they haven’t had time to deal with? Did family issues come up Continue reading Lessons learnt from our wedding planning process

Progress huh!

In October 2015 I had an opportunity to go back to my former workplace which I had quit 5 months earlier. My sister’s graduation party was happening near my former office and I decided to pop in and say hi to my former boss and colleagues.

After going round to see my people and waiting a bit I was finally informed that the boss was ready for me. He could not hide his happiness at seeing me and before I could even sit he asked me if I wanted my job back to which I respectfully said no. Five months earlier Continue reading Progress huh!

The Lovely Necessary Disruption

ELT_7570 - Copy

A few days ago went back to work after the honeymoon. It was one of the most difficult things to do since I had been resting for more than 2 weeks after the wedding. My body was getting used to another regime and here comes waking up early again. My amazing wife makes sure am awake on time, prepares breakfast, packs me lunch and prays for a blessed first day at work after the wedding. I feel super encouraged as I leave for Continue reading The Lovely Necessary Disruption

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